Hi, I am Nikhil! 😃

I'm a Web developer experienced in React.js and Node.js. I love designing and creating websites. I am a junior year student pursuing M.Sc. Economics and B.E. Computer Science from BITS Pilani, Rajasthan, India.

I ❤️ Open Source with all my heart. I have contributed to Open Bioinformatics Foundation, Intermine, Techtonica, and Zulip among other organizations. I have started blogging my day to day learnings to help beginners (Tbh, I am also a beginner! 😆). I love VSCode, GitHub, animals (especially dogs 🐶), music 🎵, TV shows 🎥, and food 🍟.

I am a curious person and I love learning new things. Time is precious, thanks for visiting my website, as a return gift here's an advice for you - Join Twitter and follow people experienced in your field to learn in a more efficient and fast way. My friend Sarthak told me this and since then it has helped me so much. Here's a link with a list of people you should follow.